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Hannah Pearson is a freelance writer and producer living in Berlin. She holds a MA in Screenwriting from the University of West London and a BA from the University of Central Arkansas in 2013, where she double majored in History and Religious Studies. Hannah has worn various hats in many fields, including book trading, teaching, and administration for a tech company.  Nowadays she’s going all in on her writing aspirations. Both solo and alongside her writing partner and lifelong bestie, Susannah Stengel, she has stocked her portfolio with a wide range of stories, with a specialty in female-driven stories, witty dialogue, and high-concept executions. Together, they co-run the blog, Tellyfish, where she discusses her current television obsessions. Hannah is always willing to sacrifice her life stories at the altar of life-changing film & television! 


Along with Tellyfish, Hannah is writing a novel about her solo trip around the world, and rolling up her sleeves on some indie films.


Outside her passion for television and writing, Hannah’s life includes being the mother to an amazing little girl and trying to navigate Expat life!

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Logline: When four moxie-fueled middle school girls enter a national history contest, long-brewing rivalries erupt, transforming best friends forever into fierce competitors for now. (30 pages)
Logline: A reality tv film crew follows a fundamentalist household of fourteen--as the camera zooms in on the brood’s forgotten middle child, its lens exposes the facade of their faith. (30 pages)
Logline: During a fantasy game night, three quippy couples unlock a portal to an unknown world and must best a wry wizard in a magical escape for their lives. (30 pages)
Logline: Two adventurous young women must learn to live together in harmony if they are ever going to survive in the City of Angels. (34 pages)
Logline: When a plucky theater nerd joins a two year teaching program, she and her fellow newbie educators will have to grow up fast in their own classrooms or flunk out of intro to adulthood. (30 pages)
Logline: Unorthodox homicide detectives solve a violent puzzle at a Southern Christian College, and expose a trail of snakes, harlots, and heretics to stop a pious killer. (59 pages)
Logline: Left to her ennui, Emily fights demons alone in her apartment. Enticed by the fanfare of Formula One, Luc learns the limits of his nihilism. (31 pages)
Logline: The true story of how one death row case resulted in the election of the President of the United States. (116 pages)
Logline: Two recently divorced professors, with conflicting  travel itineraries in mind, embark on their yearly study abroad trip to Paris. (91 pages)
Logline: A mysterious stranger is sent to save a financially illiterate restaurant manager and get his life together before he loses the things money can’t buy. (51 pages)
Logline: An anxiety-riddled teenager must put aside her animosity toward her hell-raising brother when an incident at a party results in minor home surgery. (15 pages)
Logline: A runaway bride escapes to San Francisco to start a new life, but a relationship with a handsome, but strange, man, quickly shapes her experience in a city going through its own changes. (20k done of 80k)
Logline: During Gloria’s Cavity-Con cruise, the Girls5Eva must find their “Mermaid Magic” to outwit a loan shark and save Wickie’s tail. (28 pages)
Logline: Nadja and Laszlo battle the past while Nandor, Guillermo, and Colin Robinson launch a classy heist. (29 pages)
Logline: An ornery retiree must assemble the quirky residents in his Florida condo into a crew ready to pull off an elaborate heist in the hopes of freeing his granddaughter. (30 pages)
Logline: Using local resources, help from magical pals, and the power of their collective imaginations, three young girls figure out a way to save a dying community garden and grow their budding friendship. (25 pages)
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