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Susannah Powers Stengel is a Seattle-based freelance screenwriter, playwright, professional matchmaker, and theatre educator with Arkansas roots. Susannah earned her Theatre B.A. at Grinnell College, and her Master’s in Dramatic Literature at Indiana University, where she served as her department’s dramaturg/literary manager and began her love affair with writing (and rewriting) for the screen. 


After running theatre programs in schools across Texas, then finding live and streaming production opportunities in Chicago, Susannah-in-Seattle brings her passion to the page as a dedicated writer of television, features, and plays. Susie explores juicy character tropes and layered human connection working as a professional matchmaker with Tawkify. Recent creative projects include: running a writers' room, acting, and script supervising for Seattle's 48 Hour Film Project, writing a short about bad sex in college, and production development work with Tapped House TV. Career joys ever multiply, but numbering among past triumphs: running improv workshops with the Chance the Rapper Arts Fund and writing a dozen scripts with Tellyfish co-creator Hannah. From Buffy to Bronte, Schitt’s Creek to Suzan-Lori Parks—Susannah ensnares a large scope of influences within her warm, zany, queer lens. When Susannah is not chasing the story, she is taking long walks alone in the dark listening to murder podcasts, playing Dungeons and Dragons, or off in the forest with her partner, Jeremiah.

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Logline: When four moxie-fueled middle school girls enter a national history contest, long-brewing rivalries erupt, transforming best friends forever into fierce competitors for now. (30 pages)
Logline: During a fantasy game night, three quippy couples unlock a portal to an unknown world and must best a wry wizard in a magical escape for their lives. (30 pages)

Logline: A reality tv film crew follows a fundamentalist household of fourteen--as the camera zooms in on the brood’s forgotten middle child, its lens exposes the facade of their faith. (30 pages)

Logline: Two ambitious young women must learn to live together in harmony if they are ever going to survive in the City of Angels. (34 pages)
Logline: When a plucky theater nerd joins a two year teaching program, she and her fellow newbie educators will have to grow up fast in their own classrooms or flunk out of intro to adulthood. (30 pages)
Logline: Unorthodox homicide detectives solve a violent puzzle at a southern Christian college, and expose a trail of snakes, harlots, and heretics to stop a pious killer. (59 pages)
Logline: Left to her ennui, Emily fights demons alone in her apartment. Enticed by the fanfare of Formula One, Luc learns the limits of his nihilism. (31 pages)
Logline: A brooding, imaginative, and sexually repressed novelist in the style of the Bronte sisters visits a derelict mansion for a women’s writing retreat and a weekend of sensual horror. (90 pages)
Logline: Angry teen Grace, loathe to endure her loving parents, calls forth the infernal powers of Hell and invites her demon neighbors over for psychological warfare with a side of dinner. (50 pages)
Logline: During Gloria’s Cavity-Con cruise, the Girls5Eva must find their “Mermaid Magic” to outwit a loan shark and save Wickie’s tail. (28 pages)
Logline: Nadja and Laszlo battle the past while Nandor, Guillermo, and Colin Robinson launch a classy heist. (29 pages)
Logline: When a misfit college crew hits the road for a simple Plan B pill, they’ll fight reproductive restrictions and each other, risking the life of their friendship to abort chaos. (13 pages)
Logline: On her night off, a hardworking sex worker takes a chance at a date with a charming and entitled young man, but his attempts to use her for his redemption may only destroy them both. (11 pages)
Director: Susannah Stengel
Screenwriter: Gabriel Paquette
Logline: What should be a hot and steamy night turns to horror as a young woman finds herself trapped in a car with two seemingly “nice” monsters.
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