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We want to talk TV. 


It’s not always convenient to read our thirty page scripts, but you can visit us here to see what we find funny, what downright alarms us, and what we just can’t get out of our heads. Dive in!


Tellyfish is the brainchild of two lifelong best friend writers. We are a double-daring duo with a trove of tales to tell. We show up sans apology with our opinions on entertainment storytelling, and our bigger dreams to innovate that industry. We love the world of screenwriting and we crave deeper connection with the creators at its core. We believe small screen stories fuel big inspiration. Our Tellyfish vision includes: a startup for fostering screenwriting community, a Tellyfish podcast to capture growing up girl tv, and a seat at the table (or a whole damn new table). We ignite every misfit–be a tv weirdo. Write your own bold new story. Take up your own space. It’s what we’re doing here. 


Our brand is girlhood meets gumption—we believe that comedic catharsis proves boundless with a friend by your side.


We found this truth together in tweendom. We first wrote scripts together at the age of twelve (Drama camp nerds!) and rediscovered our chemistry anew in adulthood as an official writing team. Hannah brings a sweet, sharp tongue. Susannah serves tense theatrical hijinks. We stretch each other tall with our tales. Blistering volleys of jokes meld with improv and avid rewrites to form our unique devising dynamic. Every room we’re both in is a writers’ room.


Tellyfish is our workspace to seek representation and staffing, to be read and seen, and to launch connections with other writers. Women wired by wordplay welcome you to the bloom!


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