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An Election Story

A Hero's Journey Told in Television Memes


Spoilers: BIDEN WINS!!!

So last week was the season finale of the hit series The 2020 Election, a show that has gripped the entire world all year. It was Game of Thrones MEETS House of Cards MEETS a dumpster fire. The cast was HUGE! Each character had a throng of rabid fanatics, ready to stan their choice for the ultimate prize: Leader of the Free World. Among the fandoms, you had the Bernie Bros, Yang-Gang, and of course the Trumpsters. Showdown after showdown, we saw them all fall, until there were only two remaining. A classic story about a young man of 77, Biden, with a heart of gold and his trusty right hand WOman, Kamala, going up against the evil orange-faced villain, hellbent on destroying the planet.

Tuesday the Penultimate Episode: We see the red army, adorned in MAGA armor, advance and spread a plague across the land. They come waving flags out of their mighty pickup truck steads. Our heroes are in the fight of their our lives. Where is everyone?!

Fans at home are starting to feel like all hope is lost….

Then Suddenly! Arizona, a former knight of the old regime defects and joins the rebels!

All Biden needs is for Arizona’s wild twin brother, Nevada, to refuse the temptation of the dark side and the heroes will prevail.

But Nevada makes us wait…. And the penultimate ends with a cliffhanger.

The finale opens where we left off….STILL WAITING FOR NEVADA!!!

What is taking them sooooo long to make a decision?!?!?

While the suspense builds, allies in far-off lands are standing ready to join in the fight.

Right at the point where everyone is contemplating a channel change, something unexpected happens!! Georgia, a long time warrior for the Reds looks like it’s about to flip sides! Stacey Abrams "The Registrator," has started an uprising!

Everyone is talking about the Georgia Plot Twist. Holy cow, we did NOT see it coming!!

So now Georgia is in the fight, and then suddenly WHAM so is Pennsylvania!! PA was a former knight of the Blue Table but defected during the Great War of 2016 when the menacing Trump took over. But now PA has returned! But can it be trusted?!?!?


But the battle still rages and the Nevada could end this entire thing if it JUST HURRY THE HELL UP!!!

Get to the point, Rose!!

Things are looking bad for the obese turtle on his back but victory can’t be claimed yet. Who is going to deal the final blow? Will it be Nevada "The Expected One?" Will it be Pennsylvania "The Redeemed?" Will it be Georgia "The Blue Rebel?"

Cut To: the captured castle, The White House, "Trump the Tremendously Terrible" is ready to declare victory.

His hubris blinds him to the sight of his fallen army.

Cut back to the battle:

The Red Army has retreated!!! The final blow is the Homecoming King Pennsylvania!!!

Biden and Harris have won! The citizens rejoice in the streets! Peace has been restored to the lands!!!

The Sinister Scion of Lord Trump is in denial over their inevitable demise!

All their minions are forced to surrender!!

Oh and Nevada FINALLY shows up!

The show was enthralling, addictive, and absolutely fucking terrifying at times because sadly it isn’t actually tv, it’s real life. And the outcome doesn’t just make for good ratings, but determines the lives and futures of millions of Americans.

The True Heroes are not actors, they are the poll workers who labored for hours to bring us fair, accurate results and make sure every vote is counted. It was voters who researched their candidates and on how to safely send in their ballots or showed up at the polls. It was an alliance of democrats like Andrew Yang, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, and others who fought for Biden/Harris even after they lost in the primaries. It was Republicans who came to their senses and voted against party to get a madman out of office. It was Stacey Abrams, a true warrior for democracy, who fought tirelessly to register voters in Georgia and turn the state blue, proving that your vote DOES COUNT!! It was black communities in Detroit, Atlanta, and Philly, and Native Americans and Latinx people in Nevada and Arizona that saved this country.

It’s Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris, who will promise to heal this country, bring unity, and end the nightmare.

Now let’s get ready to watch the spin-off because Georgia has a runoff in December and January and I know I’ll be watching and sending my support! Will you???


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