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Best Friends 4 Eva?

Did the Reunion of the Century Hold Up?


Spoilers For: Parts so watch it first

For everyone who survived 2020, you were rewarded last week with the long-anticipated Friends reunion. It’s either that or the world did end, we’re all dead, and we’re now living in this strange afterlife where somehow at the age of 76 Tom Selleck is still a snacc.

I had my personal friends reunion last week, as reported last week here on Tellyfish, and it seems all across the country other friends are seeing each other in person for the first time in a year. So the timing for this special feels very apropos. The list of things that bring almost everyone together is getting shorter and shorter each year, but loving Friends feels universal. But you may say, Hannah, some people don’t like Friends, and I’ll kindly explain those are lizard people controlled by Russian bots to sow even more division in this world. Don’t let them.

So last Thursday, like many a Thursday almost two decades ago, I turned on the TV to hang out with my favorite crew in the West Village. The special ran a little over a hundred minutes and they didn’t take any risks. The fan service was everywhere. They recreated the sets, the trivia game, a fashion show with iconic looks, and table reads of the best moments from the series.

And y’all, I cried. Not like a sob or misty-eyed thing, but somewhere in between. A solid cry, that didn’t overwhelm, but released something. Was I crying because the characters still have such a hold on me, are they so embedded in me that I didn’t know how much I missed them until I saw them altogether? Or did I cry because this year has been rough and it felt good to remember there are things to look forward to?

A little of both.

For millions, Friends marks a time in my life that I can’t go back to, but I never stop appreciating the memories. Watching Friends is like a security blanket that I throw on when it hasn’t been my day, week, or even my year. I watch Friends when I’m in foreign countries when I move to a new place, or I just need to be reminded that if Rachel can be a runaway bride who makes it in a big city, establishes a career, and raises a daughter, then so can I, damnit!

Here are some other thoughts I had about the reunion:

  • -Chandler and Monica should have never given up that apartment in the West Village. Sublet the place, have a pied-à-Terre, or just store surplus guest towels. Surely they regret it now!

  • -James Corden is the host? Meh. I mean I guess the Brits looooove Friends almost more than we do. But did anyone think about calling Paul Rudd???

  • -I miss 90s style coffee shops. Give me a crusty couch and dry biscotti over sterile chairs and avocado toast any day.

  • -Matt LeBlanc and Jennifer Anniston are killing this reunion. Not only are they the funniest, they look the most natural, but they seem to take the most pride in the show.

  • -Tom Selleck is still the Zaddy of all Zaddies.

  • -Aw, Jenn is so cool, talking about Brad Pitt, like he isn’t a douche canoe.

  • -Courtney is right, thank god David and Jenn never banged in real life.

  • If Justin Bieber wasn't famous he'd be selling drugs on a beach in Florida right now.

  • -Seriously Joey is the best character and Matt LeBlanc is a treasure. He seems the least Hollywood.

  • -Okay yes I’m not blind to Matthew Perry’s teeth or the slurring. You can see those teeth from space (The One with Ross’s Teeth, anyone?) but I’m not coming from him and no one else should either. To quote a tweet I saw, Perry is giving real-life Bojack Horseman vibes, and I want to see his comeback. We’re ready Matthew!

Mainly I felt like this was enough. I agree that there shouldn’t be a revival or movie. Look at other shows that done that, has it ended well? Oh, trust me I’m straight-up terrified for Sex and the City right now. This was the right way to go about this and it’s how I spent my friends' reunion: reminiscing, telling stories, and sharing some laughs.

Cheers to one of the last great true sitcoms!

Did You Love the Reunion? Still Your Best Friends 4 Eva??

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1 Comment

Susannah Stengel
Susannah Stengel
Jun 06, 2021

Hannah yasss.

Remember watching the finale together? Your dad made cabbage and we both cried a little on your leather couch. So good.

Lisa Kudrow looked like she and Lady Gaga were high school drama club rivals and Gaga was Rachel-Barrying hard.

Love them all. Indelible hold on ma soul.

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