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Rec-ipe by Sara Cooper for Election Night: Everything's Fine Slow Cooker Stew

Sarah Cooper Serves A Pandemic Epoch Surrealist Comedy Piece with Personality and Catharsis . . . and guess what? Everything’s Fine. Not. Eat up, everybody.



Spoilers For: None. Safe for Searching. I think. I'm not actually sure what's up right now until after Tuesday.

SCROLL DOWN FOR THE FULL RECIPE. Perfect for your fall despair.

Sara Cooper: Everything’s Fine


The Daily Show MEETS The Exorcism MEETS I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson MEETS Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Creator: Sarah Cooper, famed for her comedy career on TikTok, writes and stars. Executive produced by Natasha Lyonne and Maya Rudolph.

Platform: A Netflix TV Special

Premiere: October 22nd, 2020

Premise: Have a democratic sludge mud bath with Donald Trump lip-syncing maverick Sarah Cooper, as she thoroughly explores the pandemic panic and all the racial, social, and emotional fallout therein with a star-studded swinging good cast and a blisteringly honest portrait of the ennui we are now forced to live with and challenged to laugh at.

Dark humor, confusing exaggerations, and vivified public panic attacks abound. Yummy hum-drummy funny.

Signature Sting Rating:

⅘ tentacles

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Sarah Cooper’s Rec-ipe for the Existential Dread of Election Days

You need:

-A crock pot

-An internalized horror stew of COVID-19, election, and general anxiety

-A need to work some trauma out

-No allergies to dark comedy


Fill the crockpot with your own horror stew and cook on low for five hours, stirring occasionally.

Turn on Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine and add each ingredient to your crockpot:

-One organic, overcommitted character actress

-Aubrey Plaza on QAnon QVC

-3 Tiny Playing Cards from a Close-Up Magic Parking Lot Show

-1/2 of a trailer for Jordan Peele’s new totally intense project Mar-a-Lago

-Fred Armisen in 7 different P.P.E. ensembles that would induce pride in Lady Gaga

-Winona Ryder as the death of our innocence in 2016

-Jane Lynch as EveryKaren

-an All-Spice 5 Day Apocalyptic Weather Forecast led by Maya Rudolph

-3+ Fire Tornadoes

-John Hamm as a pillow entrepreneur/vaccine developer

-Helen Mirren as a despicable piece of shit

Optional: Your own shamelessly cathartic emotional breakdown, alongside the juicy, gross, off-exactly-on-oh-no-please-stop-thank-you total breakdown Cooper herself serves.

Keep stirring, freeze and eat later. Servings continuously replenish themselves.

A REC means add to our MEET MEETS. Let’s glow together.

Friend us, fight us, just join the bloom and write us! Comment below if you have another SURREALIST POLITICAL COMEDY to share with the bloom or a REC-IPE for election dread!!!

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