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Rec-ipe for The Queen's Gambit Boozy Jello Salad

The Queen’s Gambit Boozy Jello Salad is the perfect dish for anyone looking for throwback as they throwback some drinks!


Spoiler For: Nothing! Safe for newcomer consumption.

The Queen’s Gambit


Amelia MEETS Mad Men MEETS Any competition show (Glee, Cheer, etc.)

Creator: Scott Frank and Allan Scott based on the book by Walter Tevis

Platform: Netflix

Premiere: October 23rd, 2020

Premise: Plucked from a YA novel cliche, Beth Harmon is an orphan and secret genius, who rises above her humble beginnings and through a series of strategic moves, and help from a rotation of nerdy hotties, makes her mark in the world of competitive chess during the 1960s.

Signature Sting Rating: ⅘ tentacles

“The Queen’s Gambit” Boozy Jello Salad: FOR A RETRO THEMED PARTY FOR ONE

You need:

-1 big bowl and molding pan

-A taste for nostalgia and a penchant for shopping at thrift stores

-A hankering for underdog stories that lean a little tropey with the writing at times but get a pass because the art department nailed everything else.

Disclaimer: Please DO NOT add red hair dye to this recipe. You WILL be tempted but red hair should never be done at home. Please consult a specialist.


-1 red-headed orphan (non-singing variety)

-3 chess playing hotties (use beloved Sci-Fi franchise leftovers)

-2 troubled mother figures (may overpower the recipe so make one an addict and the other bi-polar)

-50 killer mod outfits!

-1 Cool rebel best friend with heart of gold

-1 Stoic mentor

-Eyeliner…. lots of eyeliner.

-Wanderlust for places like Mexico City, Paris, Moscow, and Cleveland.

-A dozen evil Commie Russians (ask your grandma for her recipe!)

-A sprinkle of pills

-Enough red wine to fill the elevator in The Shining


Take all the ingredients and mix together in a large bowl, pour into mold, and put in the refrigerator to gel. Once mixture is solid, cut into 7 slices, eat, and enjoy the buzz!

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This recipe can be enjoyed with friends, partners, or simply by yourself. It’s a pleasant trip down memory lane with some classic ingredients that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

Tell us what you thought of The Queen's Gambit! Disgustingly Cliche? Or Deliciously Delightful?


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