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We Need to Talk about Kenobi


Spoilers For: Nothing

It’s been almost a decade since Disney bought the rights to George Lucas’s massive universe of faraway planets, fanciful creatures, and light wielding heroes. At the time it seemed to be a New Hope for the franchise that had been regulated to a laughing stock thanks to the cringey, and meme-able prequel movies. Disney’s track record leading up to the merger left little to doubt. Pixar was crushing animation and raking in the Oscars. Disney buying Marvel three years earlier helped turned it into the unstoppable mega giant it is today. Not to mention it gave those Disney Princesses some beefcakes to feast upon. Except Aladdin. Do not come for my street urchin.

So Star Wars was safe with Disney, right?

Admittedly, I haven’t seen enough Disney stamped Star Wars projects to give an educated opinion (Not that it’s stopped me before). I don’t belong to the House of Star Wars. When I sat under the Sorting Hat of Fandom at the tender of age of twelve the One Ring to Rule Them All called out my name and off to the Shire I scurried. However, I do belong to the Church of Ewan McGregor. Drape that man in a beige hooded cloak, attach a glorious beard underneath, and I will fall down on my knees to praise him.

Fun Fact: Ewan McGregor is the only celebrity whose picture hung in my locker. Moulin Rouge was my sexual awakening.

So while I skipped right past evil shirtless Adam Driver and the crime of putting Pedro Pascal in a mask, I could not resist the suggestible power of that one particular Jedi. I watched the first episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi without any clue what to expect. Already fan reviews were coming out and tearing it to shreds, but the fanbase is notorious for NEVER being happy, so I ignored the deluge.

It wasn’t perfect, but I had fun.

So here’s the Dark Side first

  • Dialogue. It can be a little cheesy. Not “I don’t like sand” level cheesiness but still on the hokey spectrum. It just comes off first draft, forgotten place holders waiting for better lines.

  • Escort Plots. GAAWWDD! I don’t like them in video games (Fuck you, Princess Ruto) and I don’t so much care for them in TV shows either. It’s just so paint-by-numbers. I hope the rest of the show proves me wrong and I am not able to call every beat. I’m 3 episodes in and so far and sadly nothing surprises me.

  • Secondary and Background Acting. Alright who’s nephew is Benny Safdie? I know that kid did not get cast on merit. Everyone wants to talk about Moses Ingram (Reva) and sweet baby angel Vivien Lyra Blair (Leia) but I think their acting is fine, it’s their lines that suck.

  • Yes the running scenes are laughably stupid.

Okay now the Light Side

  • Ewan. His power of handsomeness only grows stronger. He is giving all the Jedi Zaddy energy and I’d let that meat smuggler hide any slice in me.

  • Business Daddy’s Money. Disney doesn’t mind spoiling its babies and the production quality of this show is proof.

  • Pacing. Nothing feels rushed or two slow. Each episode I’ve been entertained from play to pause, and minimal mindless scrolls on my phone to fill time.

  • Fan Service. It’s not too much, it’s not too little. It’s a Chef’s Kiss on balance.

  • Ewan McGregor is in it! Did I say that already?

  • Growth. It’s getting better with each episode. The pilot is the weakest, which is unfortunate, but stick with it. The third episode has an epic reunion of old friends.


I’ve been a little blasé about TV these days, which is painful for this addict to admit. Nothing has been hitting right and my queue is full of shows I only took nibbles out of and quickly abandoned. There’s just been a fantasy/scifi shaped hole in me ever since GoT ended and I am absolutely terrified of what Jeff Bezos and his Orc army is going to do to my beloved LotR in a few months. Till then, I have Ben.

Maybe this show was my only hope, maybe Obi-Wan Kenobi came to my rescue.

Join The Force or be taken in by the Dark Side?


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