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Woke, as a Joke

Woke Serves the Comedy of Systemic Racism with Wit and Flair


Spoilers For: None. Safe for Searching.


New Girl MEETS A Black Lady Sketch Show MEETS Workaholics MEETS Peep Show MEETS Pushing Daisies MEETS Dear White People

Black pens meet wild ends in Hulu's new social satire, Woke.

Show: Woke

Platform: A Hulu Original

Premiere: September 9th, 2020

I Watched It Because: I have a soft spot for genre-blended shows that find pleasure in discomfort.

Premise: A loose, autobiographical look at the life and work of cartoonist Keith Knight. We follow the soon to be D.O.A. career ascent of black but basic San Francisco cartoonist, Keef Knight, as he first stifles and then (post a humiliating public accosting by white police) unleashes the burden of his hard-won, newfound wokeness. He transforms the nascent success of his milk-toast breakfast food cartoon franchise into a fruitfully controversial career commenting upon the consumption and commodification of blackness.

Waves Of: Zippy surreal visuals, a close first person lens and satisfying protagonist performance by Lamorne Morris as colorstruck, Kanceled Keef Knight (best known as yet as Winston on New Girl) , great soundtrack bops, poignant/playful social satire, and a slick, quick opening theme song.

Signature Sting: Socially conscious storytelling, diverse cast, and blended genre--magical realism plus absurdist comedy with a bromance romcom foundation and an aim to provoke.

A REC means we want you to watch it too, and add to our MEET MEETS. Back us, fight us, just join the bloom and write us! Kancel Woke or love the jokes? Comment below.


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