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You’ve Got Some Lotus Stuck in Your Teeth: Finale Recap


Spoilers For: Who's in the coffin.

Last Sunday night HBO aired the finale of its limited series White Lotus and a long waited mysterious was answered. From the opening sequence in episode one, we knew there was going to be a dead body at the end. It’s been the carrot at the end of the stick for anyone who wasn’t tuning in to watch a very subtle, nuanced, and brilliant mockery of rich white people.

Cause that is what HBO is serving hot these days. The network mega-giant has perfected the recipe for making a show about rich white people doing rich white people things and we, the audience, eat it up. Examples: Big Little Lies, The Undoing, Girls, Sex and the City, Succession, and on and on and on.

I’m not going to go in-depth about this show portrayal of the ultra-wealthy oblivious attitude toward anyone else besides themselves, they’re complete dissociation to the rippling effect of their actions have on the individuals who prop up their lifestyles, and how this relates to the Greek mythology of the Lotus-Eaters and the Tennyson poem entitled The Lotos-Eaters. Many other great pieces have been written about it already and I have nothing new to add. Also, the days of posturing interest in comparative literature to achieve some badge of pseudo-intelligent smuggery ended when this bitch graduated college.

This piece is to honor the fallen hero of our story.

The man who gallantly did what millions of service industry workers have only dreamt of doing, and tragically the act for which he lost his life. Armond taking a shit in Mr. Patton’s suitcase was for everyone who knows the difference between FOH and BOH, for everyone who pays a bill in single bills, and for everyone who has to take a shower after their job is over. That deuce was dropped to say “while your tongue may taste the lotus, you still have to smell the shit”

They did my boy dirty when they plunged that knife in his chest and ultimately revealed the snazzy-dressed Aussie as our Jack-in-the-Box, but as the hedonistic mariners in Tennyson’s poem argue, death is the inevitable completion of life. What is the point of back-breaking labor? Just find your lotus and enjoy! Armond represents this inconvenient truth. He spends his days struggling to stay sober while catering to these Douche Canoes and what does it get him in the end? A knife to the chest.

RIP a Legend


For Mr. Patton and our sunburn-prone cast, it was the money that kept them in a trance and for Armond, it was some nose candy. Perhaps the only person not escaping reality was Belinda, who has her version of shitting in a suitcase when she finally sets some boundaries and says goodbye to Crying-Doe-Eyes McGee. I hope she takes that envelope full of back Asshole Taxes and finally gets her’s.

I’m curious how season two will play out. I’ll miss Armond and sexy AF Kai, but the world is full of lotus-eaters, whether they be privileged in wealth, beauty, opportunity, or just not sober, we’ll be there to watch and eat our lotus.

What's Your Lotus?


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